The hangar is a mess, sorry for that. But our spacecraft is a beauty, isn´t it? We called it “Come in peace”. Jungle-Judy came up with the idea, and we laughed so much.

The heatshield is fixed! Lord, it was a hard piece of work elaborating the best way to be protected and have a good view at the same time. Mrs Koobecaf and the Pathfinder were a good team inventing the perfect combination ...

Working with the time-benders makes you dizzy, I can tell you. All hands were needed. Most of the bending was done by Fascination and His Jollyness.

The turbinengine, home of our Hermit. He´s a wizard with quantum-mechanics, and the Quark-Saw is his own invention.

Our Yellow Soul adjusted the Black-Hole-Overwhelming-Fingers.
Let´s pray it may work!

Here are some of the aerials. Most of the construction was done by our Night-Owl.