On our way to Mars. The silence in space is undescribable. Time seems to stand still, and in spite we´re moving with more than 90 epm (exhibitions per minute), we are feeling fixed moveless between the stars. Nobody is here, nobody is near - it´s a bit like hanging in a museum. Our Pathfinder made a little error with the direction, so we have to make a detour, but this doesn´t matter because it´s so nice just to be here.

In the meantime his Jollyness had an idea how to improve the effects of the black-hole-overwhelming-fingers. He said it would be part of his responsability as our Probabilities-Manager, and so the Yellow Soul stopped complaining. Actually she´s sitting in a corner of the backpack, giggling. Don´t ask me why.

Can you believe it? A radio-hole fixed itself onto our areals, wich is the worst place a radio-hole can be. No message in, no message out. All it was was ...phrrt ...ktl ...shlf - two month without Mrs Koobecaf´s social network, to name the bright side of the matter.

What a stupid idea, letting His Jollyness meddle with the black-hole-overwhelming-fingers! Now we ourselves turned into a black hole! The Yellow Soul is still giggling. I think she waits for me to give her the order to undo His Jollyness´ mischief. Of course I will do her the favour. And for His Jollyness I will revieve the holy inquisition if he does it again!

Thank god, we´re back! It´s a highly uncomfortable feeling being a Black Hole, and I don´t want to have it again. Some strange creature was quite clever using us to cross different universes. It was looking at us as if it´d never seen a painting before.