What a job. Now look at this: very soon we will inaugurate the first exhibition of our own gallery on Mars. What looks like a modern sculpture at the entrance is, in fact, our Ray-O-Port, enabling us to beam up arts, equipment and even persons from Earth. Great, isn´t it?

That´s it: Ray-O-Port of its best! All tests went excellent, and small pebbles, an old t-shirt and a left sock survived the journey unharmed. Now we´ll try it on Dr Esmeralda von Kroft. If she arrives well, we have on Mars the best director of our museum we can get. A-hemm. I mean: Amen.

The Ray-O-Port works on full power. We wouldn´t have expected any protuberances, but it will be okay. Dr Esmeralda looks quite good. Just a few seconds, and she´s here personally!

Oooops - I never saw anything like this.The Ray-O-Port was not supposed to glow during the transfer. Dr Esmeralda seems to be a bit... well ... artificial, if I may say so. But, as conceited, sorry, educated arts-especialist she will be able to deal with it.

Our Ray-O-Port is ticking silently, while cooling down. The future director of museum is ticking too, but she doesn´t seem to cool down. On the contrary ... hehe!