I´m sure you are familiar with the concept of a travelling exhibition. Generally it´s a sample of a collection, edited by a specialist (or the collector himself) to be exposed in various museums or galleries. Sometimes a studied art-lover invents a theme to join different artists, styles or periods in a show. It´s like an anthology then. One has to do some efford to convince the owners of galleries or the directors of museums to the idea, to organize the journey - not to mention all the insurance-stuff, which has to be managed. Once all the organization is done, you need a huge machinery of publicity and advertisement. It´s complicated, expensive and therefore it has to be successful, in the most common sense of the word "success", means lucrative. But finally you and me, if we are lucky, have the chance to see works of art we´d probably never had seen under other circumstances. Works of art know all about it.
Okay. Now the worldwide idea to stop a flu by cancelling culture and throwing the remains into the gaping mouth of the internet made an end of all this. As an artist, you must invent something new to satisfy the urge of your paintings to travel around; give it a try to still this hunger to be seen. So I said: You want to travel? Go ahead! With my best wishes, travel! Make a journey, wherever you like. Here´s a backpack. Don´t lose it ´cause it´s not mine. And bring a story and some nice foto´s. Off you go!
There was a lot of excitement, you can imagine. To my surprise none of the bigger paintings, despite of all the complainings before, really wanted to leave their places on the walls or the cosy shelfes in the storing-room. Such a lot of excuses normally you hear only by people. In fact just a couple of the very smallest paintings were ready to go, but not even all of them. Some are still hesitating, hanging between longing and fear. I suppose they are waiting for the first messages and photographs to join the pioneers later, which were calling themselfes the "Great Conquistadores".
I forced myself not to laugh, but their enthusiasm were so contageous I couldn´t help promise them a Wonderful Travelling Exhibition.

Timo, March of 2021